Mohs surgery is considered the most effective technique for treating the most common types of skin cancer. Mohs Surgery is a precise surgical technique to treat skin cancer. The procedure includes the removal and examination of thin layers cancerous skin. This procedure is continued until only cancer free tissue remain. Originally developed in the 1930’s by Frederic E. Mohs, MD and became known and refined in the 1960’s becoming known as Mohs micro-graphic surgery.

Mohs Surgery allows for the removal of all cancerous cells for the highest cure rate and the least amount of scarring. Mohs surgery attempts to remove as much of the cancerous skin as possible doing the least amount of damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Most of Mohs surgery is done on an outpatient basis using local anesthetic. Mohs surgery allows surgeons to confirm that all cancer cells have been removed at the time of surgery increasing the chance of a cure while reducing the need for additional treatments or additional surgery. This is a highly specialized procedure conducted by special medical professionals such as Dr. Kate Ross. Call our friendly staff to learn more about how we can help.